• a great combination of who-done-it mystery and an investigative/courtroom drama
  • adored by Ebert and Travers- 4 stars a piece
  • the narration is a pulpy choice (it’s from Glenn Close as she’s in a coma—reminiscent a little of the Sunset Boulevard post-mortem narration) but the narrative (Ron Silver) is our narrative vehicle so it doesn’t make a ton of formal sense.
  • A story on the idle rich and the two leads are perfection- Jeremy Irons (Oscar win here) and Glenn Close – Irons is so calculated, mannered and chilly. He’s going for it in this role—“what do you have a wife who has everything? An injection of insulin” – dryness and when Silver calls him strange he drolls out “you have no idea”- haha
  • Close is a mess— arrogant, pill-popping, irrational – she’s such a good actress
  • The narrative mistake is we spend too much time with Silver’s story arc- we need to get back to more Irons and Close
  • Luciano Tovoli is the DP and there are some great uses of blue in the lighting- needed more—represents the frosty emotionlessness of the rich—Tovoli worked on Suspiria and The Passenger
great use of blue lighting in many scenes to represent the chilly idle class
  • Recommend