• The final film from Chilean master Raul Ruiz
  • The narrative is messy (evaluation)— surrealism, time travel, stream of consciousness (Beethoven and Long John Silver just show up) (description)-
  • An odd heavy use of rear projection—I like the changing traffic light shots but overall it’s a weakness- ugly–
rear-projection– odd in 2012- this one is gorgeous though, another one with all the lights green equally beautiful
  • Couldn’t find a screen grab unfortunately but the film’s greatest shot is a scene at the barber shop with the faces in profile at different depths—its Welles- wow
  • Bottled ships in the foreground shot
this is Ozu here with the frame in the foreground– superb work
  • Long takes
immaculately staged and lit mise-en-scene
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depths of field
  • Recommend