• Classically told love story, picturesque photography by Ang Lee, a with a deserving winner for best screenplay, musical score, and a trio of really good performance (led by Ledger)
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  • The short story of Annie Proulx written by Larry McMurtry (Lonesome Dove)—wow- holy hell—and another example of adapting a short story maybe the right way to go for a feature film and a director who wants to do more than just film a screenplay
  • Gustavo Santaolalla’s minimal score – so beautiful- he’d actually win the Oscar again the following year for Babel
  • The film opens is a stunning of a long shot on the open prairie
  • You need subtitles for Heath- he doesn’t open his mouth to talk—Michelle Williams is magnificent and the wide-eyed Gyllenhaal— but in 2005 it’s Ledger who is the revelation (all three nominated)—he disappears here into characters
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  • The quiet scenic splendor which fits the old Hollywood version of cinematography—establishing shots here like Legends of the Fall – Alberta here, some Wyoming location shooting—gorgeous mountains
  • I think there’s a bit of a nod here to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid with both actors jumping off the ledge into the river together- here- both naked
  • A stunner of a wall art shot achievement with Ledger and the fireworks in the background
  • Final shot—postcard from Gyllenhaal, the window a a frame for the mountains
  • HR/MS border