• The opening shot- incredible- 8-9 minute long floating tracking shot. There’s staging and choreography with the fighting, mud, in and out of tents, intelligent writing, and it finishes with the catapult set piece
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phenomenal 8-minute opening shot
  • The film never reaches those heights again but it’s an engaging narrative and mostly well-acted (I was impressed with Pine playing Bruce not as a superhero but an everyman)
  • 97% of the film is serious as a heart attack and then we get a few bad awkward attempts at comedic levity including the awful “you know about being too quick in bed joke” 12 minutes in
  • Period detail, studied customers, banners
  • Apparently there were 20 minutes cut from the TIFF version that debuted (to weaker reviews)
  • Bloody, muddy and brutal
  • Gorgeous establishing shots
  • Both Billy Howle (playing Prince of Wales) and Aaron Taylor-Johnson are throwing 107 MPH (lots of enthusiastic yelling) and it doesn’t always land for either-
  • Recommend