• In medias res opening like all of the Toy Story films- of them playing
  • The enemy is greed here- adult collectors
  • Again, the talented voice cast is worthy of praise- Hanks, Tim Allen and the ensemble back from the first film—this time the addition of Joan Cusack as Jessie
  • There’s a great visual in Al’s Toy Barn where we have a giant wall of Buzz Lightyear’s with our Tim Allen Buzz walking along the ground
  • The “When She Loved Me” montage with accompanying song by Sarah McLachlan is magnificent. Gut-wrenching. The transitions are even imaginative wipes using an object. Some of the best moments of the series (The “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” opening montage in the first film to the opening of Up)are these perfectly executed montage sequences
“When She Loved Me” montage — the greatest part of the film
  • Much of the 93 minutes are sadly these rescue minutes manipulating space/time in not terribly imaginative ways—but overall still a strong effort
  • Recommend but not close to a top 10 in a crowded 1999