• It’s superior to most Marvel films because of Waititi’s unique voice- it’s not a spoof- per se- but it is a comedy and it is a shift in tone (from the dialogue to the visuals (both color scheme and gags)— to letting Mark Mothersbaugh do the music (he works with early Wes Anderson, 21 Jump Street movie, Devo) —- a clear pivot
  • Influenced by Flash Gordon (1980) and “He-Man”- with the color patterns
Influenced by Flash Gordon (1980) and “He-Man”- with the color patterns
  • An incredibly talented cast from the standard ensemble to new faces (Tessa Thompson, Cate, Jeff Goldbum) to cameos (Matt Damon)—
  • Twice we get transcendent moments with the Led Zeppelin “Immigrant Song” music drops—wow- moments
“Immigrant Song” music drops—wow- moments
  • Some of the gags are a little weak- the shake weight and the selfie (which I swear Marvel has done like 5 times now) will look silly in a few years
  • At least once I think I heard the music from 1971’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  • The production design— like Terry Gilliam retro-sci-fi meets 80’s pop music (Ruffalo is wearing an A-Ha t-shirt) video meets Flash Gordon
this could be from Blade Runner 2049 or The Lord of the Rings — well done
  • Beautiful violent Sistine Chapel shot
  • Recommend but not in the top 10 of 2017