• The true stars of The 7th Voyage of Sinbad are stop-motion animation master Ray Harryhausen and composer Bernard Herrmann
  • Harryhausen was enchanted by 1933’s King Kong as a kid (he worked on Mighty Joe Young in 1949) and The 7th Voyage of Sinbad is made in that top-motion lineage
  • It marks Harryhausen’s shift from b/w science fiction films to color and the fantasy genre

    The stop-motion cyclops is impressive—we also have the clay serpent woman, a shrunken woman, and a dragon. The dragon vs. cyclops fight has to make you think of the T-Rex vs. King Kong

  • An enjoyable breezy Saturday morning adventure yarn.
  • There’s certainly a point to be made about building your house on a foundation of special effects — seeing this film as a historical artifact of antiquated technology is—- though not entire fair– certainly a point
  • Some nice use of color and location shooting in Spain and just off the coast of
  • Herrmann is one of cinema’s greatest musicians—and this here is the same year as Vertigo– this is one hell of a B-side
  • Kerwin Mathews is stiff and weak as the lead titular character—but Torin Thatcher is really good as the monomaniacal magician
  • Recommend but not in the top 10 of 1958