best film:  Once Upon a Time in America from Sergio Leone. This is both Leone’s final film (what a magnificent swan song) and first film in thirteen years (1971’s Duck, You Sucker!). It is hauntingly


The Tin Star – 1957 Anthony Mann


It would take a closer look at Winchester 73’ and The Naked Spur especially, but The Tin Star may be Anthony Mann’s greatest work. For Mann, his resume has always been about the accumulation of

The Tin Star – 1957 Anthony Mann2021-07-25T16:52:39+00:00

Xala – 1975 Sembene


This is Ousmane Sembene’s (from Senegal- he’s sort of the father of African cinema) fourth feature. The title translates to mean “impotence” and stars Thierno Leve as the corrupt businessman El Hadji Aboucader Beye. He

Xala – 1975 Sembene2021-07-24T12:35:56+00:00

The New World – 2005 Malick


  The New World is still only Malick’s fourth film to date in 2005 even if it is a whopping thirty-two (32) years since his debut Badlands. The themes and aesthetics are the same.

The New World – 2005 Malick2021-06-19T13:13:42+00:00

Amour – 2012 Haneke


Michael Haneke’s Amour is his first film after 2009’s unbridled masterpiece The White Ribbon. Though the subject is severe (Georges, played by Jean-Louis Trintignant, cares for his long-time wife Anne, played by Emmanuelle Riva, as

Amour – 2012 Haneke2021-06-21T21:27:16+00:00



best film:  Nostalgia from Andrei Tarkovsky The narrative isn’t easy—it’s up there with Mirror for being his most opaque Uncontestably stunning camera movements and achievements in décor and mise-en-scene that interrupt quiet and stillness (usually with


Come True – 2020 Scott Burns


Anthony Scott Burns’ debut film starts with a long tracking shot through the fog with multiple doors being pushed open. It turns out this shot (repeated at least a half-dozen times) is the dream of

Come True – 2020 Scott Burns2021-07-22T00:41:36+00:00

JFK – 1991 Stone


JFK is one of the most ambitious films of the 1990s. I’ve seen it mentioned that that there are 3000+ shots that comprise the film The cast is massive (at least six Oscar winners by

JFK – 1991 Stone2021-07-20T13:19:45+00:00

Magic – 1978 Attenborough


Do not be fooled by the look at the wooden ventriloquist dummy- Magic is no small-scale B-picture. This is a well-produced, character-driven effort. Richard Attenborough is at the helm behind the camera. He is more

Magic – 1978 Attenborough2021-06-17T20:51:35+00:00

Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? – 1957 Tashlin


Made by the former cartoonist Frank Tashlin who directed many comedies (Bob Hope and Jerry Lewis vehicles) during the 1950s and 1960s. He was admired by the French New Wave—specifically Godard. Color by DeLuxe, nice

Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? – 1957 Tashlin2021-07-18T14:54:03+00:00

The Last Detail – 1973 Ashby


The Last Detail is a feather in the cap for the writing/acting team of real life buddies Robert Towne and Jack Nicholson. Nicholson could do no wrong at this time in the early 1970s (he

The Last Detail – 1973 Ashby2021-07-17T13:19:24+00:00
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