best film:   Emma Stone had a dominant 2010s decade. She is a key part of three of top sixteen (16) films on the most recent top 100 of the 2010s decade list. So, although La La Land is the answer here, Birdman and The Favourite are not far behind. This category is an undeniable strength for Stone’s case on this list- most actors hope to be an integral part of one, or maybe two masterpieces over a long career.



Stone’s audition scene in La La Land is the arrival of Emma Stone (actually it is Birdman in 2014)- but this performance, in a masterpiece, cements it. Here above, both Stone and Gosling have powerful silent moments as the film ends.



best performance:  She simply splits less time in screen in La La Land (divided two ways with Ryan Gosling) than she does Birdman (divided in three this time with Michael Keaton and Edward Norton) or The Favourite (three again- distributed nearly equally with Olivia Colman and Rachel Weisz).  Stone walked away with the Oscar in 2016 and Damien Chazelle gives Stone at least three brilliant individual scenes: Stone dazzles in the breakup scene, the ending look back —and the superb audition scene of course.



stylistic innovations/traits:   Some may scoff at the high placement here for Emma Stone her resume may actually warrant an even higher placement on this list. Giving a standout performance in a masterpiece is extremely rare for any actor- to that point masterpieces are fairly rare altogether. So, for Stone to give exceptional performances in three masterpieces in a five year span (2014, 2016, 2018) is an example of superior work.  Stone’s three characters in those masterpieces are actually extremely different from each other- so that bodes well for her future and potential range. She is, without a doubt, a skilled comedienne- but her dramatic chops (on display in sections of both La La Land and Birdman specifically) are as sharp as any actor of her young generation as well.



from Birdman – sticking the landing in a masterpiece – a fitting epilogue and final image with Emma Stone and those Margaret Keane eyes looking at the skyline



directors worked with:  Nobody yet more than once but Emma is young obviously with a long future ahead of her it would seem. From her work thus far-  Damien Chazelle, Alejandro González Iñárritu, and Yorgos Lanthimos are three of the best auteurs working today.



from Lanthimos’ The Favourite – character depth – Stone, Olivia Colman and Rachel Weisz all have a backstory, a struggle, and  motivations. Each have their highlights and moments given to shine- including Stone hilariously posing as a monster



top five performances:

  1. La La Land
  2. The Favourite
  3. Birdman
  4. Battle of the Sexes
  5. Cruella



archiveable films

2009- Zombieland
2014- Birdman
2016- La La Land
2017- Battle of the Sexes
2018- The Favourite
2021- Cruella