Inception – 2010 Nolan


There are many ways to attempt to tackle Christopher Nolan’s Inception. It is one of the boldest films of the 21st century. Nolan pushes the conceptual and visual boundaries—he disorients, then reracks and compiles often

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Pig – 2021 Sarnoski


Nic Cage looking like bloody Santa (a Zen bloody Santa) and the simple premise of a stolen, beloved pet (the titular pig) may make you think this is a low budget revenge tale version of

Pig – 2021 Sarnoski2021-09-09T14:38:42+00:00

Public Enemies – 2009 Michael Mann


The dialogue-free opening prison break at Michigan City is both a hell of a set piece to start the film, and an effective way to introduce Johnny Depp’s John Dillinger character. Public Enemies is a

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The Hot Rock – 1972 Peter Yates


The Hot Rock is a lighter fare- an affable caper film with a sense of humor. It does not live up to some of the works before (Bullitt 1968) and after (The Friends of Eddie

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Panic Room – 2002 Fincher


David Fincher’s films do not have stylistic highlights or stand out compositions so much as they are wholly dipped in his trademark lighting design and coloring pattern. It starts with the green tint of the

Panic Room – 2002 Fincher2021-09-07T00:05:40+00:00

Miami Vice – 2006 Michael Mann


Michael Mann updates the 1980s TV series but without the showy colors. This is a crime story- a film focused really on one case (outside of the in medias res opening to show you how

Miami Vice – 2006 Michael Mann2021-09-05T14:04:48+00:00

Collateral – 2004 Michael Mann


After licking his wounds a bit from Ali – Michael Mann returns to the crime genre, returns to duality on both sides of the law (Tom Cruise’s Vincent vs. Jamie Foxx’s everyman Max) and returns

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Ali – 2001 Michael Mann


Michael Mann’s Ali was one of the most anticipated releases of 2001, and sadly, it mostly does go gentle into that good night. It is perplexing that the end results were not better. Mann is

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The Insider – 1999 Michael Mann


He probably cannot quite touch the work of Scorsese, Kieslowski, or The Coen Brothers- but Michael Mann stakes a strong claim to being the greatest auteur of the 1990s rounded out by 1999’s The Insider.

The Insider – 1999 Michael Mann2021-07-31T12:58:01+00:00

A Ghost Story – 2017 Lowery


A Ghost Story is a strange bird. It is a somber film where maybe 75 minutes of the 90-minute running time are spent watching a grown man wear a bedsheet over him like a ghost.

A Ghost Story – 2017 Lowery2021-07-30T13:31:33+00:00

La promesse – 1996 Dardenne


Though not their debut, 1996’s La promesse was the artistic breakthrough film for Belgium realists Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne. It is certainly fitting that the first image in their first major film is Jérémie Renier

La promesse – 1996 Dardenne2021-07-30T00:42:29+00:00

No Sudden Move – 2021 Soderbergh


Soderbergh keeps going- and here’s to hoping he makes one a year like No Sudden Move for as long as he can. This is his eighteenth (18TH) archiveable film. Like Out of Sight (1998- and

No Sudden Move – 2021 Soderbergh2021-08-30T13:12:46+00:00
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