As Tears Go By – 1988 Kar-Wai Wong


WKW’s triad Mean Streets update marks his promising debut (32 years old) . The opening frame is neon light on the left of the screen-- bouncing off a wall of televisions showing a blue sky

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El Dorado – 1967 Hawks


It is impossible to mention El Dorado without mentioning Hawks’ Rio Bravo (1959). Hawks and John Wayne are back—as is Leigh Brackett with the screenplay. The story has some changes: there are rival families, one

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – 2005 Burton


Though Tim Burton’s adaptation of Roald Dahl does not surpass the beloved 1971 version, it is still a good marriage of source material and artist. Burton is back with Johnny Depp (one of five archiveable

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Cool Hand Luke – 1967 Rosenberg


In the long and distinguished career of Paul Newman, Cool Hand Luke sits at the top of the heap as the great actor’s single best work. In 1967 Newman was 42-years old, at the height

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The Music Man – 1962 DaCosta


Meredith Willson is the author of 1962’s The Music Man. The film is based on Willson’s popular play in the late 1950s (which also starred Robert Preston). The casting of Preston (who had been around

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Crazy Heart – 2009 Scott Cooper


The two main reasons to seek out and study Crazy Heart are its lead actor, Jeff Bridges, and music composer (and producer) T Bone Burnett. Both men are in the sphere of the Coen Brothers

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Rio Bravo – 1959 Hawks


Howard Hawks’ Rio Bravo is one of the easiest 141-minute watches in cinema history. Hawks had been working as a director for over twenty years at this point with seventeen (17) archiveable films already on

Rio Bravo – 1959 Hawks2021-10-03T13:28:55+00:00



best film:  Boogie Nights from Paul Thomas Anderson P.T. Anderson’s Boogie Nights is that sonic boom giant masterpiece from a wunderkind filmmaker under 30 like Citizen Kane, The 400 Blows, Jaws, Breathless, Battleship Potemkin that leaves


First Reformed – 2017 Schrader


Paul Schrader’s First Reformed is a slow burn decent into madness (or gradual truth awakening depending on your point of view) that works so well alongside of Schrader’s own Light Sleeper (1992) and his screenplay

First Reformed – 2017 Schrader2021-10-01T15:51:17+00:00

Sideways – 2004 Payne


Alexander Payne’s Sideways blends a poignant character study (really, it is three-headed character study) with perceptive comedy. Paul Giamatti plays Miles- and he is at the center of Payne’s (and writing partner Jim Taylor’s) sublime

Sideways – 2004 Payne2021-09-30T23:09:35+00:00

Shadow – 2018 Yimou Zhang


After the disastrous The Great Wall (also known as the Matt Damon ponytail movie) in 2016, it would have been tempting to write off legendary auteur Yimou Zhang as past his prime or washed up.

Shadow – 2018 Yimou Zhang2021-09-02T03:19:29+00:00

Smart Money – 1931 Green


In the same year as Little Caesar and The Public Enemy Warner Brothers also made Smart Money which pairs Edward G. Robinson and James Cagney. This is the only time these two massive stars would

Smart Money – 1931 Green2021-09-28T18:17:24+00:00
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