The Music Room – 1958 Satyajit Ray


Brimming with confidence coming off the success of the Apu Trilogy (this was actually made in the middle of the famous trilogy—before The World of Apu in 1959 but after Aparajito  in 1956) - Satyajit

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Promising Young Woman – 2020 Fennell


Promising Young Woman is one of those rare films that you immediately look forward to watching again after you're done- there is much to unpack. It marks the debut film for Emerald Fennell who wrote

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Detective – 1985 Godard


Detective, like much of Godard’s work, for better or worse, is built in the editing room. He makes a mash of actors, dialogue, music and settings (a billiards hall, a hotel room, a hotel balcony,

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Rocky – 1976 Avildsen


  Rocky certainly tapped into the zeitgeist in 1976 winning not only the box office crown for the year (by a wide margin) but also three Oscars including best picture, best director and best editing.

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Algiers – 1938 Cromwell


There is an argument to be made that in a world where Pépé le Moko (1937) from Julien Duvivier and Jean Gabin exists, there’s no need for Algiers. And certainly, if you haven’t seen the

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Sweetie – 1989 Campion


Sweetie is the debut film for 35-year old New Zealander Jane Campion (The Piano) It is a sort of family relationship comedy/drama mixed with quirky romance about Karen Colston’s Kay (her voice-over is our guide).

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BPM (Beats Per Minute) – 2017 Campillo


Vibrantly, Robin Campillo tells the story of the individuals behind ACT UP- Paris- an early 1990’s HIV/AIDS rights activism group. Much of the film is set in a lecture hall. It is like watching a

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The Jungle Book – 1967 Reitherman


This very loose adaptation of Kipling was the very first Disney animation project after the passing of Walt Disney in 1966 The strength of the film is two fantastic songs and some of the vocal

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Melancholia – 2011 von Trier


  There may not be a better opening eight-minutes in cinema history than the way auteur, and enfant terrible, Lars von Trier starts his 2011 masterpiece Melancholia. The film begins with a slow-motion montage of

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The Mattei Affair – 1972 Rosi


Francesco Rosi’s The Mattei Affair centers around the mysterious plane crash of real life business tycoon and leader Enrico Mattei Rosi’s film is no straight biopic or docudrama— he uses the crash as the center

The Mattei Affair – 1972 Rosi2021-06-08T13:41:19+00:00



best film:  Days of Heaven from Terrence Malick Malick’s Days of Heaven is far and away the best film of 1978. It is simply one of the most beautiful movies ever made and basically invented


Arabian Nights – 1974 Pasolini


Pasolini’s dedication to shooting in these various, gorgeous locales is admirable. Without a star (though his male muse Franco Citti is here flying around in a small role as a demon), Pasolini made a semi-soft

Arabian Nights – 1974 Pasolini2021-06-06T22:37:20+00:00
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