The Gift – 2000 Raimi


Between the Bruce Campbell movies and Spider Man movies, Sam Raimi made A Simple Plan (1998) starring Billy Bob Thornton and The Gift here written by him. Billy Bob was very hot in 2000 and

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Hero – 2002 Yimou Zhang


Hero is a significant artistic achievement. Yimou Zhang’s film is simultaneously one of the great Wuxia films (martial arts films set in ancient China) and one of the most considerable visual achievements in 21st century

Hero – 2002 Yimou Zhang2021-09-26T14:14:31+00:00

The Rain People – 1969 Francis Ford Coppola


For Francis Ford Coppola this is still not a great film, (the earliest in the archives)- but he is no longer working with Roger Corman and Finian’s Rainbow (1968) is in his rearview so this

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Minari – 2020 Chung


Lee Isaac Chung tells the story of a Korean family moving to rural Arkansas in the 1980s. Chung tells the story with such remarkable specificity (he grew up in rural Arkansas in the 1980s himself).

Minari – 2020 Chung2021-08-30T13:11:29+00:00



best film:  Breaking the Waves from Lars von Trier Breaking the Waves is a monumental cinematic achievement and even with some very stiff competition, the pinnacle of Lars von Trier’s career thus far. It sets


A Quiet Place – 2018 Krasinski


When M. Night Shyamalan was a one-man phenomenon making The Sixth Sense (1999), Unbreakable (2000) and Signs (2002) many called him a Spielberg clone or acolyte. Twenty years later, it is hard to get through

A Quiet Place – 2018 Krasinski2021-09-26T13:26:01+00:00

City of Women – 1980 Fellini


City of Women is an admirable cocktail blend of La Dolce Vita, 8 ½, Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz. The first two make sense- this is twenty years after the first (of

City of Women – 1980 Fellini2021-08-27T11:08:56+00:00

Witness for the Prosecution – 1957 Wilder


Billy Wilder adapts Agatha Christie to great success in Witness for the Prosecution. Witness for the Prosecution appears often on lists of the best court room films. Wilder’s achievement is muted, this is a greater

Witness for the Prosecution – 1957 Wilder2021-09-21T13:22:13+00:00

Peeping Tom – 1960 Powell


Peeping Tom killed the career of the great auteur Michael Powell. The film was rediscovered, and its reputation was largely saved (or at least revived) by Martin Scorsese in the 1980s. But, I have enough

Peeping Tom – 1960 Powell2021-09-20T17:57:32+00:00

The Sand Pebbles – 1966 Wise


The Sand Pebbles is a well produced handsome film. It was made at a time when director Robert Wise and star Steve McQueen were at the height of their powers. Wise was coming off The

The Sand Pebbles – 1966 Wise2021-09-19T12:50:46+00:00

Walk a Crooked Mile – 1948 Douglas


Power past the absurd title if you admired Anthony Mann’s T-Men (1948) and are seeking out something similar (if admittedly a little lesser) and appreciate a good film noir. The production team from T-Men is

Walk a Crooked Mile – 1948 Douglas2021-08-19T03:46:09+00:00



  best film:  Heat from Michael Mann. Heat is both the summation of Michael Mann’s previous efforts, and an artist at his clear peak. After his biggest financial success in 1992’s The Last of the Mohicans, he

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