The Forty-Year-Old Version – 2020 Blank


Radha Blank’s black and white The Forty-Year-Old Version is an authentic portrayal of an artist’s struggle. Blank plays herself in this highly autobiographical story about a playwright, a teacher, and poet/rapper. I adore the logo

The Forty-Year-Old Version – 2020 Blank2021-06-05T22:33:06+00:00

Super Dark Times – 2017 Phillips


Super Dark Times is a flawed, but encouraging debut from Ken Phillips. A major strength of the film is the photography—particularly in the early moments of the film. Phillips shoots these gorgeous bare trees of

Super Dark Times – 2017 Phillips2021-04-20T14:26:58+00:00

The Conjuring – 2013 Wan


James Wan’s The Conjuring starts, effectively, in medias res with the Annabelle prologue before the “true story” titles and the magnificently designed “The Conjuring” logo slides down. The strong start continues with Wan’s active camera

The Conjuring – 2013 Wan2021-06-04T15:46:11+00:00

Hail Mary – 1985 Godard


Godard’s modern day retelling of the story of the Virgin Mary marvelously weaves in his patented cutaway editing arrangement. The film was quite controversial at the time—and beyond just Godard’s use of nudity (his actresses

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Soul – 2020 Docter, Powers


Animation, outside of Hayao Miyazaki and Satoshi Kon, often lacks the singular artistic voice. That is not the case with Soul. Soul is clearly the companion of 2015’s Inside Out and the work from the

Soul – 2020 Docter, Powers2021-04-18T13:06:02+00:00

Tout Va Bien – 1972 Godard, Gorin


Tout Va Bien has far too much brilliance in it to ignore, and far too many problems in it to rank amongst the best work of the great French master. Godard throws away fifty (50)

Tout Va Bien – 1972 Godard, Gorin2021-06-02T12:49:57+00:00

First Name: Carmen – 1983 Godard


In First Name: Carmen the Godard stew is as easy to decipher as it has been since the 1960’s. It is still scattershot and montage reliant, but you can trace the director (Godard himself), the

First Name: Carmen – 1983 Godard2021-06-03T10:27:55+00:00

Another Round – 2020 Vinterberg


Thomas Vinterberg’s Another Round starts with a buzz-inducing, free-for-all montage of youth on the loose, devouring drinks. It is a great little sequence to open the film. Vinterberg cuts abruptly, mid-party, to a slower reality

Another Round – 2020 Vinterberg2021-06-01T20:00:20+00:00



best film:  Annie Hall from Woody Allen. Annie Hall leads the way in 1977 just every so slightly over Dario Argento's Suspiria. Annie Hall is a breakthrough for Woody. He emerges as an exciting formal


Dark City – 1950 Dieterle


William Dieterle’s film noir Dark City is probably best known for being the “introduction” of Charlton Heston (the film’s credits tout it being his introduction but in fact he had been in two films prior).

Dark City – 1950 Dieterle2021-05-30T16:05:06+00:00

The Canterbury Tales – 1972 Pasolini


The Canterbury Tales is Pasolini’s second film in his Trilogy of Life—landing between The Decameron (1971) and Arabian Nights (1974) It is an adaptation of Chaucer of course- and Pasolini playfully actually portrays the author

The Canterbury Tales – 1972 Pasolini2021-05-30T16:04:05+00:00

8 Women – 2002 Ozon


An array of beautiful diamonds and flowers during the opening credits sets the tone- François Ozon’s 8 Women is a welcomed mix of Agatha Christie story and Demy/Sirk aesthetics. Serves as a sort of who’s

8 Women – 2002 Ozon2021-05-30T16:05:17+00:00
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