Aliens – 1986 Cameron

Both this and it’s predecessor from Ridley Scott are sci-fi films (and I’m not big into genre definitions and discussions) but it’s also easier to think of alien (1979) as more of a horror film and aliens (1986) here from Cameron as an action or even a war film It’s extremely funny- mainly due to Bill Paxton who as I said before is superb here. Although Cameron regular Michael Biehn is good as “Hicks”, Paxton is the second most important actor to this film after Weaver Certainly I see some similarities with Rambo and some of the other action

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Bill Paxton

Bill Paxton. Paxton is going to be remembered for his comedic performances in James Cameron films (even near dark (bigelow) was produced by Cameron). He’s absolutely essential in these blockbusters. Paxton also directed frailty and gave a great performance there. He gets a chance to shine as lead in a simple man and I absolutely love his small comedic role in true lies. best film: aliens Best lead film : a simple plan most overrated:  he’s never been nominated for an Oscar, and I haven’t seen his tv work so it’s hard for me to say he’s overrated in anything. I

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