The Seven-Per-Cent Solution – 1976 Herbert Ross

  Ross is not a great artist but he made 6 archiveable films, including this one, between 1972 and 1981 Strong performances from V. Redgrave, Arkin (playing Freud), Olivier in supporting turns The set designs are attractive- some really nice shots of Vienna I’m not 100% on Duvall’s English accent (he plays Watson)- I couldn’t tell if it was actually bad or just distracting seeing him when you’ve mostly been used to his southern drawl for so long The coke scenes aren’t exactly easy rider or midnight cowboy drug montages but still- again- solid Entertaining and smart film Not

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French Connection II – 1975 Frankenheimer

I’ve seen the French connection (1971) from Friedkin many times but this was my first foray into john frankeheimer’s  French connection II (1975). I’ve never heard anyone talk about it or tell me I should see it and I’ve been pretty obsessive about movies for about 18 years. In comparison with the original--the sequel is no match. That’s clear and probably why it doesn’t have an amazing reputation. The Godfather Part II it is not… … that said. I’m putting it in the archives in the lower portion of the 1975 archives—near the 25th-30th best film of 1975. Frankenheimer

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The French Connection – 1971 Friedkin

The French Connection is a clear masterpiece from Friedkin in 1971. It won best picture, director, actor (hackman), writing and editing but is still, somehow, underrated at #571 all-time on TSPDT. It’s 300 slots better than that at a minimum. It’s detailed, authentic, filled with brilliant examples of film form at its finest and some virtuoso stylistic high-water marks as well. I’ve seen the film several times over the years but it’s one of those cinematic gems that gets better with each viewing. I love the location shooting- look, feel and smell of 1971 New York City. Friedkin deserves

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