Amarcord – 1973 Fellini

It picks up with where he started with satyricon (1969( and roma (1972)- it’s a sprawling exercise in excess, vulgarity and has even less narrative focus- it’s really a series of characters and vignettes more than satyricon or roma (which is more of an anthology film in comparison) #72 all-time on TSPDT in 2017 which is overrated- it actually hopped ahead of la strada as the 3rd best Fellini film (8 ½ and la dolce vita) Very personal filmmaking- warm, ripe, and influential-I can see the influences in everything from Woody Allen to Porky’s Brisk and accessible Narratively reflexive

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Fellini’s Roma – 1972 Fellini

Oddly enough, I think the combination of the omniscient voice over, the lack of plot, the fact that fellini is in it (playing a director giving an interview talking about the movie), the shots of rome, etc- added up to some critics thinking this was some sort of pseudo-documentary- which is it definitely not. There are, however, some gorgeous travelogue shots of rome that act as transitions between the vignettes The film is a series of vignettes- I counted 6: The dining on the street- fantastic Highway in the rain- god awful- I don’t understand this at all- seems

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