Mad Max: Fury Road – 2015 George Miller

There is no other auteur in cinema history to rewrite his story at the age 70 like George Miller has with Mad Max: Fury Road. For years—really decades, Miller’s best work stood as The Road Warrior (or Mad Max 2) from 1981. There was not much of note from Miller since (a few archiveable films, none of them landing in their respective years top 10). It certainly felt like he was done as a cinematic artist of consequence. Mad Max : Fury Road destroys that notion—or rather, sets it on fire. There are varying stats on the average shot

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Logan – 2017 Mangold

There’s a 5 minute stretch near the beginning when they raid the hideout and there’s a brief car chase and escape- with the sand, the cars, the beating drum rhythmic soundtrack that you can’t help but think of mad max fury road. It’s a great sequence Clearly the film has roots in the western with tons of obvious tips of the caps and homages to shane (even the “bad” Wovlerine is in black like the Jack Palance character who is the archetypical “man in black” Mangold clearly directs the western very well as I also archived 2007’s 3:10 To

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