The Seven-Per-Cent Solution – 1976 Herbert Ross

  Ross is not a great artist but he made 6 archiveable films, including this one, between 1972 and 1981 Strong performances from V. Redgrave, Arkin (playing Freud), Olivier in supporting turns The set designs are attractive- some really nice shots of Vienna I’m not 100% on Duvall’s English accent (he plays Watson)- I couldn’t tell if it was actually bad or just distracting seeing him when you’ve mostly been used to his southern drawl for so long The coke scenes aren’t exactly easy rider or midnight cowboy drug montages but still- again- solid Entertaining and smart film Not

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The Getaway – 1972 Peckinpah

Peckinpah trademark here with the opening credits sequence does not disappoint. Here we have a stunning freeze frame opening Lucien ballard photography is top notch as is Quincy Jones Score (in the heat of the night). Cross-referenced IMDB and sure enough the harmonica that sounds so familiar is from Toots Thielemans who also does midnight cowboy (1969)- love it The first 10 minutes from free frame credits to montage of McQueen in jail is a stunning opening 10 minutes- it’s a brilliant wordless montage…the film never lives up to that but that alone is nearly worth a top 10

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