The Lost Weekend – 1945 Wilder

Won best actor (milland), director (wilder) and screenplay (wilder and charles bracket) There is a gorgeous opening shot that is actually pretty similar to the famous opening of psycho as they wilder floats over the new york city skyline and focuses in on the bottle of booze on a string (milland is hiding from brother and girlfriend) outside of the window. Of course this shot and film predates psycho by 15 years though Hitchcock was doing this at this time and prior as well Wilder’s writing form is just superb (his visual form doesn’t always match) as he has

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The Major and the Minor – 1942 Wilder

Wilder’s debut the major and the minor isn’t one of the best 10 films of 1942 but it’s worth recommending and I have it in the archives. I hate to get too cute with the title but it’s “minor” wilder but a major triumph for ginger rogers who is wonderful here showing her comedic skill and range; she spends most of the movie posing as a 12 year old but also plays a woman her own actual age for a while (31) and also pretends to be much older for a few scenes and pulls them all off. It’s

The Major and the Minor – 1942 Wilder2020-07-03T10:31:44+00:00
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