Amarcord – 1973 Fellini

It picks up with where he started with satyricon (1969( and roma (1972)- it’s a sprawling exercise in excess, vulgarity and has even less narrative focus- it’s really a series of characters and vignettes more than satyricon or roma (which is more of an anthology film in comparison) #72 all-time on TSPDT in 2017 which is overrated- it actually hopped ahead of la strada as the 3rd best Fellini film (8 ½ and la dolce vita) Very personal filmmaking- warm, ripe, and influential-I can see the influences in everything from Woody Allen to Porky’s Brisk and accessible Narratively reflexive

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Destiny – 1921 Lang

Not his debut (8th film according to IMDB) but my first in the archives for Lang Quite an epic with the story in 3 parts clearly influenced by Griffith’s intolerance (Mideast story line, Spanish story line and Chinese story line) Post great war pesimism "a ravaged town" Early Lang really loves his chapter breaks like the mabuse films- works here really well with the 3 part story Incredible mise-en-scene work- standouts include some of the shots with 10+ large candle and some of the lighting walking up to death’s house on the stairs Early portrayal of death- which of

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