The Salesman – 2016 Farhadi

Narrative brilliance from Farhadi once again with his engrossing moral dramas where awful things happen but it is never one person’s fault Starts with a strong montage opening of the stage set Shahab Hosseini is back from A Separation - and he plays Emad. Emad is staging Arthur Miller's The Death of a Salesman- a strong subtext for Farhadi's narrative Beautiful opening two-minute handheld (Farhadi's use of handheld is important to his style- authenticity- realism) tracking shot both technically brilliant and the metaphor for the building crumbling is spot on and perfect Farhadi post-traumatic stress, Hosseini's character is consumed with this incident

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My Night at Maud’s – 1969 Rohmer

Genuinely successful exploration and medication on fate Heady stuff discussing Pascal, religion The 3rd of Rohmer’s moral tales Certainly can be pointed to as a precursor to other brilliant dialogue/conversation heavy films like malle’s my dinner with andre and linklater’s before trilogy I have it as a MS top 5 level film of 1969- I have a hard time going higher, despite the devastating ending when it’s just so straightforward stylistically Must-See    

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