Scarlet Street – 1945 Lang

Enourmously overlooked film and I can’t tell why- it’s a remake of Renoir’s La Chienne (he notoriously hated the film) and an early noir (b-pictures to some) so perhaps those two factors are why Banned in a few cities Reunites 3 principals from women in the window the year before Might be Joan Bennett and Dan Duryea’s best and probably pretty close for Edward G. Robinson as well- he’s superb It’s a magnificent masculinity study (reminded me of blue angel from von Sternberg)- Edward G. is verbally castrated, made to wear an apron – he does the dishes like 3-4

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While the City Sleeps – 1956 Lang

George Sanders, Dana Andrews, Thomas Mitchell, Vincent Price and Ida Lupino are all perfectly cast and do a great job here I really don’t care for Lang’s use of fast forward here on some chase and action sequences- it’s a flaw You can clearly see the cost cutting on the exposition shots- which is, in itself, a little sad when you consider some of the create set design work Lang did in the 1920s mostly- but even still to a lesser extend in the 30’s and 40’s with some Hollywood noir Certainly comparisons can be made here with the narrative

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