Taxi Driver – 1976 Scorsese

March 2017-- viewing #? maybe 8 It blows you back with Bernard Herrmann’s score. It’s one of, if not his overall best musical score which makes it one of the best 20-25 scores of all-time automatically Such detail in the mise-en-scene here with the steam pouring from the sewers The film’s roots and influences both prior to taxi driver and since are so rich—just a few are bresson (certainly the existential crisis and man along is similar to pickpocket (Schrader loved bresson and pickpocket and in his book he cites it as a definite influence). The film has a

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Fedora – 1978 Wilder

  Certainly feels like an update on sunset boulevard with the William holden and aging/old actress Hollywood royalty story line and plot Fantastic narrative twist that will be interesting to evaluate on a second viewing Cameos from Michael York and Henry Fonda Hilarious (and telling) comment from Wilder as writer talking about (through holden as his mouthpiece) how “the beards have taken over Hollywood” clearly referring to the American new wave movie brats that include coppola, scorsese, de palma, Spielberg, lucas. Something to the effect of “they don’t need a script at all- just a handheld camera”- this is

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