Paterson – 2016 Jarmusch

1.0 -- March 2017 Both a fully Jarmusch minimalist film and detailed character study (military background of driver’s paterson character) Easily Adam Driver’s best role/film/performance to date and a very charming performance from Golshifteh Farahani The bus driver listening in on conversations definitely reminds me of jarmusch’s 1991 night on earth but of course this is on a bus and not taxi cabs I could be way too far in the auteur/authorship weeds here but the place Driver (Paterson) likes most is the beautiful shot of trains which reminds me of jarmusch’s 1989 mystery train-- trains are a focal point

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Drugstore Cowboy – 1989 Van Sant

Features early work from go-to DP for Wes Anderson- Robert Yeoman Certainly an updated take on bonnie and clyde (complete with impotency references)- really nice touch Great jazz score Van Sant’s content/narrative auteur mark and obsessions- youth (specifically troubled youth) exploration in full effect here The best part of the film, which I love, is the reoccurring dream sequences of objects floating in blank (usually black) background with voice over. It starts from the beginning with prior to the film (which is really a full flashback). Really nice film form and stylistic touch Top 10 film of 1989 Highly

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